Summer Surf 2011 by Lutha Leahy-Miller

Summer 2011 was a summer of shifting beach breaks, fat small wave swells, thick boards and booming crowds. Even the good days were fattish and a bit on the weak side, not as crunchy as usual. Was this because of higher sea levels? Lack of swell? Or am I just getting older and fatter? Perhaps all of the above..?

Well, in reality I am lighter than I was in 97, so that’s not a factor. Plus, I’m in better shape for the most part. In reality it just was a summer with very few head high swells, and so the 5.6 Merrick Biscuit was my board of choice nearly all summer long. Many other guys and girls were riding the Motorboat or lust logging it up all summer long.

Local beach breaks right by the shop were the place to be, and Ditch nonetheless was more crowded than ever. Bankers, hipsters, trustafarians, and ye olde time locals clogged the place to the max! Not to mention the surf camps blowing up everywhere from Westhampton to Montauk. People were heading from Ditch to Southampton Hospital in record numbers this summer due to endless array of surf accidents between surfers and stand up paddleboarders alike. Two or three serious injuries resulting from SUPs caused Lars here at Main Beach to re-enforce his advice about taking SUP boards very very seriously in ocean waves.

There were a few good days however, and those days were excellent! Although, they were still barely overhead. Another big thing this year was the Quik Pro, and that contest held in Long Beach, NY at summer’s tail end proved very exciting for nearly all of the surfers in NY. After the final with Slater vs. Owen Wright, Channel Islands’ Fred Rubble, the board Slats rode in the contest, became the most sought after board in the shop!

Finally, this fall, the very first SUP race ever to be held in the Hamptons went off in the town of East Hampton. Lars won 1st place, and from now on Main Beach will be organizing a series of SUP races every summer. This will sure to become a staple event in Hamptons’ summer sporting events…

Now it is nearly November, and the water is just about cold enough to start wearing winter booties and 4mm wetsuits. The dark half of the year is nearly upon us. Six long months of the surfing year when come epic waves, Nor Easters, and the most frigid of temperatures when we are forced to don our super-thick hooded winter wetsuits, booties, and gloves. Six long months of little light, short days, and lonely winter lineups. An endless march of pumping swells, and rarely anyone to share it with except the seals. Paradise…


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