Loggerz, Kooks, SUP-ers, and Shortboarders…

Pre summer doldrums are harsh this June. Only a few days of waist to chest high waves so far, and those few days weren’t even that great. Even the longboarders are getting antsy. I’ve been hearing complaints about stand up paddleboarders from longboarders, but that just seems waay too ironic for me. I mean, longboarders have been annoying shortboarders for decades now! Seems only fair and just that a bigger, longer, fatter, wider chunk of foam would come along and up the small wave ante.

But complain they do. Shortboarders complain about longboarders. Longboarders complain about paddleboarders. People used to complain about boogie boarders, but there are hardly any left… In the end, it’s just a whole lot of whining. The fact is, the waterways are overcrowded, at Ditch especially. So if you are having issues at Ditch, then forget it, because that place has been overcrowded for a very long time now. Find someplace else and enjoy the hunt looking for uncrowded surf.

As for me, I’ve finally caved in and started hitting the bay on my 11’ Laird SUP. I go whenever I get up early enough to catch the sunrise. Early, when the winds are light and the birds are still all over the place just happy to be around and eating and lolling in the waters and unafraid due to lack of passing boats or other people or windiness.

I still don’t really understand all the grumpiness surrounding the different watercraft. I mean, in Hawaii everyone and their mother is out there on SUPs, logz, shortboards, sponges, whatever and no one really cares unless you get in the way or cause a danger. Here in NY where almost everyone is a bonafide kook, everyone is grumpy. But as soon as the waves are head high plus, there’s almost no one out!! WTF!!??

Bah! NY surfing, whatever… At least it’s fun and uncrowded 9 months out of the year. So what if all the aspirant Hamptonites are out in full force, do any of them really surf? Do any of them even really matter at all whatsoever in terms of your personal favorite local surfing spot? Is it not a fact that 90% of all the NY area wankers converge on Ditch Plains, which is the most gutlessly lame and slow wave in all of the Hamptons? YES!! By God, that’s the way it is!! So quit yer bitchin’ and go find your own little hideaway spot.

Best of luck…



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