Late May SUP Morning Solitude by Lutha Leahy-Miller

Got up early, looked outside, foggy morning, creaky joints, no surf to speak of on the buoy. Oh well… Dragged out the zafu, cranked up the kettle to make some tea, lit the butterlamps, and then sat three sessions of ten minutes each. After that, breakfast with my kid, the wife too, and then showered and off to the shop.

Before leaving I strapped the old 11’7” Jimmy Lewis to the roof and was off to the shop. En route I found out that I didn’t have to be at work until an hour later than I thought. So, I decided to stop at the zendo before work for a second meditation session. As I was on my way there I noticed that the winds were calm in some of the estuaries, and so instead of continuing on to the zendo, I decided to stop and spend 30-40 minutes before work stand up paddling.

There was a slight-damp chilliness in the morning seaside brackish air but I had my 4/3 and boots in the car, so I knew I would be comfortable…

Morning green-gray glass, swaying water reeds and red-winged blackbirds speaking to one another in the morning dampness and other little winged creatures flitting about as I silently slid through the still estuary waters. Every so often as the liquid-glass slipped beneath the board below and rippled around the paddle-blade there would be a crashing reed or two running upstream from me as a fish or crab or frog or whatever it was underwater was hurriedly running away from the giant surface fish creeping after them. Poor things, ‘not again’ they must have thought! Or maybe they were plagued by some pre-historically rooted fear of sharks or some bigger fishes out to eat them..?

Anyway, there were little birds and the rustling NE vegetal cousins of bamboo shoots, the reed-grasses of the pond, and scared fish underneath, and gray but pleasantly solemn skies, 35 Minutes of peacefulness and mantras for the animals and maybe some people lolling over the little waterside bridge in their trucks or cars and rippling waters off in the drift ahead and… silence… and… lapping water… Morning bliss, and then a crazy day ahead at the shop.


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