Cold morning / winter sky,

Winds blowing hard,

Morning meditation in half lotus,

Palest blue sky


The rising sun is yet just….an idea,

Some 45 minutes before dawning…

This is the way it’s been for the past few weeks of February. There have been waves, but I’ve been sidelined by a nasty sinus infection from a cold that worsened after one of my last surf sessions a few weeks back. After a round of Zithromax, and a week or so of yogurt and probiotics, I’m back in the saddle but haven’t had a chance to go surfing again yet.

Things at the shop have been busy for a February. Lots of internet orders, winter wetsuit booties, mittens and gloves, DVDs, boards and travel bags for those lucky enough to get away on a surf trip this time of year, some of them for the second time this winter season.

But here on the home front, with the economy still struggling through our Hamptons winter, summer business and NYC customers absent, many local surf dads have returned to snowboarding and are dropping off their snowboards on a weekly basis for tune-ups and wax jobs. Some of these local, over-40 shredders haven’t been boarding in nearly 10 years! But the absence of winter work, and money in their bank accounts from summertime business madness has, for many of them, allowed them time to hit the slopes over and over again and they’re stoked about it!

Another big thing this winter has been cross country ski rentals and sales. People have been buying and renting them like crazy! They have been hitting the trails at Barcelona Neck, and also some of the mini-slopes at the NYS public golf courses in Montauk, and Sag Harbor. The new metal-edged back country Alpina skis allow for better turning and stopping, are more downhill-friendly, and are also better suited to snowy terrain where you have to make your own tracks.

Personally, I have decided, after many years of struggling with what to do in the Arctic freeze months, to re-focus entirely on inner development and delve back into my meditation practices and make as many winter visits to the Tibetan Monastery as possible in order to spark motivation and interest in solitude, winter landscapes outside my window, family life and proper living. The waves will come again…

Soon, there will be a day of late winter waves to be had, and I’ll be in shape and ready from yoga preparations, a proper scaled down, lower calorie, winter diet and hopefully; some level of inner peace as a result of as much daily mediation as is possible to cram into a life packed with work, writing, art and family.

See you in the shop or see you in the water…

© 2011 Lutha Leahy-Miller


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