MBX Surf Camp – Summer 2010

What do MBX Surf Campers do in the winter? Well, if there smart they get their parents to take them to Rincon, Puerto Rico for some great surfing and watersports.

MBX Surf Campers in Rincon

There comes a time in every young surfers life where they have to head out to the break on their own. While it can be a little scary the first time, it is extremely gratifying. Having a friend along is a great idea.

Young Surfers Paddling Out

 Watch out for those inside reforms they can lead to a shore break situation.

Watch that shorebreak

 Some days you just can’t help but have fun while your surfing with your friends.

Charging it Tandem Style

Tandem surfing on Longboards is great for smaller surfers.

Who's having fun now

 Please visit http://www.mainbeach.com for more information on the MBX surf camp and great watersports activities in the Hamptons.


About mainbeach

The natural resource for surfing, stand up paddling, kayaks, lessons, tours, surf camp, beach wear and all things outdoors in The Hamptons, Eastern Long Island, Montauk and beyond.
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