Summer Downwinder

Stand up Paddling can be extremely fun and a great work out. Nothing beats a good ole-fashion down-winder on a hot summer day.  Learning marine weather forecasts and tide charts can be a great aid in planning a down wind paddle.

Matt Rafferty from Novado, California along with Dianne and Rick from the Main Beach crew, recently enjoyed a fun stand up paddleboard outing on Gardiners Bay.

Stand up Paddling

Stand up Paddling

Proper equipment including a quality paddlebard, paddle, eyewear, uv protection and hydration systems are all part of the down winder experience.



Using a leash in windy conditions is important. A fall in dynamic following seas can mean a great deal of distance between you and your board very quickly.

Stand up Paddleboards

Stand up Paddleboards

Proper form and technique can help when connecting small waves during a longer outing. Long distances can be covered relatively quickly when you put it all together.

Jimmy Lewis Stand up Paddleboards

Jimmy Lewis Stand up Paddleboards

A successful downwind paddle can be extremely rewarding. Truly the cumulation of planning, training and experience on the water.

Stop by Main Beach in the Wainscott village and start planning your down wind paddle today.


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